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What is  Orthokeratology?

And Why It's A Better Solution Than Surgery

You would be lost without your eyes. Literally.

Our specialized vision correction system is a nonsurgical solution that corrects myopia (nearsightedness)  for kids, athletes and adults.   Dr. Oilar specifically designs your Ortho-K lenses to the shape of your cornea and can correct your eyesight while you sleep without having to under-go expensive eye surgery.  Call us to 'SEE' if you are a candidate for our amazing Ortho-K specialty service.  The consultation is free and the only thing you have to loose is your site.

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If glasses are not conducive to your line of work then Ortho-k could be the most cost effective solution

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Elizabeth M.

OMG!! You are all amazing and I thank you each and every day for being able to see 20-20. This is the first time I have ever been able to see this clear. You are all the best. 

Eugenia F.

My Orthok Lenses have changed my life!

Michael Y.

My first time in this office.  I have been in so many Dr. Offices over my life and this was the best all around office I've been in. Everyone was so friendly and polite. I will never look for another eye care office.  It's really easy to say this is my home from now on!!

Non-Surgical + Non-Invasive
Clear Alternative
to Surgery

Reversible and Safe for Children

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Plus New Patients can:

Save Up To 50% OFF a Comprehensive Eye Exam


Comprehensive Eye Exams:

Stay on top of any changes in your vision with an annual comprehensive eye exam.

At EyeCare Focus, we use the most advanced diagnostic technology to perform comprehensive exams. We’ll adjust your prescription and screen for early onset signs of more serious issues.

Make sure to schedule a yearly exam for your whole family to keep everyone seeing clearly!

Reshaping The Way
YOU See The World

Would you enjoy the freedom from
glasses and day time contacts?

Dr. Oilars Ortho-K therapeutic lenses gently reshape the corneal surface while sleeping. Remove the lenses when you wake up to enjoy clear natural vision throughout the day.

Since children do not qulaify for LASIK, this is a great alternative, and the Ortho-K overnight vision correction retainer lenses are an excellent choice for natural vision correction.

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Orthokeratology Myopia -
 Control Studies

Orthokeratology Myopia Control Studies According to The Orthokeratogy Academy of America, “Studies from around the world have indicated that Ortho-K can keep your children’s nearsightedness from getting worse.” Read Melanie's case study below.

Case Study: Struggling At School

Eighth grade is a tough time for kids, so Melanie’s parents didn’t think too much of it when her grades started to suffer. They were concerned, of course, so they got her a tutor for algebra and started monitoring her homework more carefully. But nothing really changed.

It wasn’t until she came in for an eye exam that everybody realized what was really going on.

Melanie knew she was having some problems seeing the board at school. She was afraid that she’d have to wear glasses, so she didn’t tell anybody.

Melanie had developed myopia (short-sightedness) and needed corrective lenses. Since she was embarrassed to wear glasses, her parents decided to look into Ortho-K corrective night lenses.

After just a few nights wearing her Ortho-K lenses, things have gotten much better for Melanie. Her grades have started to improve and she can now see clearly.

Is Your Child a Candidate for Ortho-K Lenses?
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Myths About Ortho-K

“Orthokeratology is not safe”

Research shows that Ortho-K is a safe option for myopia control and the risks are similar to those of together overnight modalities.  The safety of Ortho-K is directly related to proper lens fitting, proper lens care, routine follow-ups, and timely treatment of complications.

“Orthokeratology is not effective”

Studies show that Ortho-K is one of the most effective tools for reducing myopia progression.  On study showed a reduction of 36% - 56% in myopia progression


The only Ortho-K Fellow in Oregon. Dr. Jason Oilar is

an experienced optometrists who has been practicing with care and compassion for 14 years. We’re proud to have helped families just like yours with vision exams, glasses, contact fittings and of course, Ortho-K corrective lenses.

Our talented team uses the most advanced technologies and procedures to identify and treat everything from minor vision problems to emergencies and chronic disease.

Your vision shapes your reality. We know that few things are more important to your quality of life than the ability to see the world clearly. Schedule an exam with us to keep your vision perfect.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can orthokeratology eliminate daytime glasses and contacts?

By gently reshaping the cornea, Ortho-K retainers can provide clean crip vision all day long. without the need for any daytime glasses or contact. Similar to LASIK which permanently reshapes the cornea, Ortho-K temporarily reshapes the cornea to reduce your prescription and the need for glasses or contacts as long as the retainers are worn each night. 

Can I swim or shower with contacts in my eyes?

We recommend against it. They could fall out and if they do it will be nearly impossible to find them. Plus, the contacts could become contaminated with germs or chemicals in the water that could hurt your eyes. It’s safer to just take them out.

What causes “dry eyes”?

Dry eye is a result of tear ducts that don’t hydrate your eyes sufficiently, resulting in a scratching, burning or stinging sensation. If you suffer chronic dry eye, come in for a checkup. There are effective treatments available.

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